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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The return

Oh dear. I have been terribly remiss. I noticed this week that I haven't posted on this blog for almost 5 months. That's almost half a year! It's so easy to let things slip like that. Life gets in the way and before you know it you're way behind on a project.

I have had a good excuse, though. I have been preoccupied with WW1. I am pleased to say that all of my three WW1 books for Pen and Sword have now been published. Yay! What with edits, book launches, book signings and getting out and about marketing with newspaper interviews and features and radio interviews it's not surprising that something had to give.

I don't write full-time, although it feels like I do sometimes. I have a day job so I have to fit my writing commitments around that. It can be both a blessing and a curse! When I look back to how much work actually went into producing the books I can see that it just wasn't possible for me to keep all of my plates spinning.

Sometimes you just have to learn to let go of something so that the project that demands your attention gets the lion's share. So this post is dedicated to letting go and not fretting about it. I am still writing one more book for Pen & Sword but I am also able to get back to my other writing love of fiction.

Happy writing and don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve all you set out to do. We are only human.


Martin Hodges said...

Join the club, Julie. I've resolved, after many months of neglecting Square Sunshine, to not only kickstart it into life, but to launch a new blog, too. My 7 Day Wonders

Julie P said...

It's so easy to not blog and before you know it it's been months! Good luck with My 7 Day Wonders.

Julie P said...

It's so easy to not blog and before you know it it's been months! Good luck with My 7 Day Wonders.