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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lost in time

It's easy when we are in the throes of creativity to completely lose ourselves in the moment. There could be any amount of chaos going on outside but we are blissfully unaware of it. There's nothing like being and staying in the zone where our characters are real to us and we are in the scene, going through what we are putting our characters through.

I was reading recently in one of the writing magazines that if we want to be successful writers we must make time for our writing, no matter what. We have a choice as to whether we write or not; we all have 24 hours in the day and, granted, we all have different responsibilities and commitments that eat into our writing time. If we want to be published there are certain sacrifices that have to be made in order for us to achieve that. If you aren't prepared to make the change and find and ring-fence your writing time and actually sit down and write then you aren't going to be a published writer. It's that simple.

Instead of watching TV why not start writing? There will be many more times when you catch 10 or 15 minutes to write and every little helps! It can feel strange to demand your writing time and it will take time for you and your family and friends to adjust to that - I'm writing means I'm writing and unless someone is ill, injured or the house is burning down I won't be disturbed. You have to train them and yourself and stand firm.

It's important to be able to shut the door behind you so you have a physical barrier between you and what else is going on around you. If you're in an open space, like the kitchen, it's easier for people to disturb you. If they don't get the message and you're driven to distraction then think about moving your writing space out of the home. You could go to the library or a cafe and write. Yes, there will be other people there but they will be strangers and won't want you to do something or talk to you like your family and friends will. If your not at home you can't be there for their every beck and call. Be a writer and be selfish.

Before you know it you've written the first draft of a short story or a pitch for an article and you'll wonder where the time went. You'll blink and stretch when you re-enter the real world as though awakening from a trance or deep sleep. If you had caned in and become involved in the latest drama at home would you have written as much? Probably not. If writing makes you happy and you are determined to be published you need that writing time - fight for it.


Martin Hodges said...

Oh, Julie. I have the time, but lack the discipline. I'm so very easily distracted. Have made numerous starts on "the novel" but something comes along and I go off the boil.

Julie P said...

Thats the other peril, Martin - having the time to write but not doing it! There's so much else to do. Good luck with your novel.

Julie P said...

Thats the other peril, Martin - having the time to write but not doing it! There's so much else to do. Good luck with your novel.

Wendy's Writing said...

It actually shocks me the amount of good writing time Ive frittered away in a day. The more time I have available the harder it is to get going!

Julie P said...

I know, Wendy - it's criminal, isn't it?! Then I moan I haven't achieved much!