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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Getting back into it

No, I'm not talking about your party attire for the coming festive season, I'm talking about getting back into blogging. I must admit that my blogs have been sporadic over the past year but for very good writing reasons. Looking back over the last 12 months or so, I've had three non-fiction books published and have been busy researching and writing another, all for the same publisher. That was also whilst I was writing and subbing short stories and articles and trying to juggle family and work life too.

Sometimes we can make it all to easy to make excuses as to why we haven't achieved the writing goals we had hoped we would. And that's the fatal word: hoped. It's up there with dream and aspire to. If we want to achieve our writing goals we have to go beyond the dreaming stage and  have specific goals in mind to start with. But it's no good stopping there. We also have to make plans as to how we are going to achieve this and set a date by which we are going to achieve them.

If we don't do this we are far less likely to achieve it. I like to have things written in black and white and stuck to the wall in front of me in my office so I can see, every day, what I want to achieve and what I need to do to achieve it. If I don;t have that, I'm soon off track.

Having said that you have to be realistic. You can't do it all. Well, you can try but you will fail and failure leads to low self-esteem and lack of motivation. I had to concentrate on my books so consequently the short stories and the blogging had to slide for a while. But that's okay - you'll have your own priorities and find that some of things you wanted to do had to be put on the back burner too. That's life!

So what I'm saying is that you need to put your heart and soul into your project but don't be worried about the other things that you have to leave to behind while you are committed to that project. You can always catch up when you've finished. Spread yourself too thin and you'll not give your writing the time, patience or concentration it deserves.

Happy writing!
Julie xx

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